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    Oporto Tour Update

    By mutual agreement with Oporto C. C. and Coimbra Knights the Oporto tour matches have reluctantly been cancelled. The Covid 19 travel restrictions, quarantine, testing and associated accommodation issues involved have all conspired against us.

    Oporto C.C. are fully booked in 2022 with 18 weekend games against overseas sides mainly from the U.K. but also against visiting teams from Brazil , Switzerland and Spain.
    We will continue to look out for an opportunity for this tour to go ahead in the future once life gets more normal. Oporto C.C. have agreed to put Sou’westers No. 1 on their Priority List should any of the 2022 games be cancelled. Coimbra Knights will be delighted to play us in 2022 if it is possible to play Oporto.
    Best wishes,