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    From The President

    From the 2020 Year Book

    The walk along the cliffs which Gillie and I took to see the game against the Dutch side VRA was as spectacular as the Lynton and Lynmouth cricket ground nestling in the Valley of the Rocks, first observed from a point high above and behind the pavilion and requiring a testing, lengthy walk to navigate the pathways to the entrance to the ground.

    We had last played here in 1970, against a combined team chosen from the other two sides who had turned up expecting to play, Lynton and Porlock.  The two umpires, Christopher and Martin, were the only two Sou’Westers present who had played for the club at Lynton in the long sequence of matches there which had begun in 1933.  Martin’s memory needed to stretch back to 1967 to remember his last visit, and whilst Christopher had played in the 1970 triangular match, his thoughts surely must have strayed to the 1968 match when he took 9 for 44.

    The following morning at Bridgetown, an annual fixture since 1963 but my first visit for many years, saw several groups of Sou’Westers join the seated queue on the tables outside the Badgers Holt, waiting for the landlord to open up.  A sociable lunch was followed by an amble down the road, and a familiar trip across the bridge and up to the charming pavilion which provides basic facilities for cricket and the accustomed memorable tea.  There were many watching Sou’Westers enjoying the timeless scene, which added to the pleasure of the day.

    An all too brief visit west had thereby taken in two of the loveliest grounds on the tour on which to enjoy some of the pleasures which touring with the club can offer.

    I hope that members of all generations will come to Cambridge on Sunday 19 April 2020 to help celebrate our 90th anniversary in the city where the club was born, and that the introduction of three new fixtures to the western tour will help to ensure that we can continue to find both members and opponents who will continue to play the sort of cricket that we like to play on grounds that are a pleasure to visit.

    Mike Barford