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    Corfu Tour Update

    A formidable 37 strong party has been assembled for this exciting cricket tour, 21 of whom are not called Peet or Oliver. Make up of the group includes 14 youthful players, average age 27, marshalled by a tour veteran skipper, 4 notable umpires and an erudite scribe.

    The earliest recorded date of play in Corfu was 1823 between Officers of the British garrison on the Esplanade or Town Square. It was not until 1855 that two local Corfiot clubs were formed. The Big comprising the nobility and The Small consisting of the “hoi polloi” (Greek term).

    Today Greece has 15 official clubs, 13 of which are based in Corfu, the headquarters location of the Hellenic Cricket Federation , an affiliate Member of the ICC.

    Most of the players in Corfu are Corfiots but there are also some Pakistanis and Afghans playing. The Corfiot cricketers have developed their own fascinating terminology over the years which still remains today viz., Ball (BALLONI), Block (FERMARO), Square Drive (TRAVERSADA), Cut (KOFTI) , Full Toss (BOMBARDA) , An Appeal (OW’DAT) amongst many. A classical education helps !

    Many Test and County cricketers have performed on the Esplanade including Ken Barrington, Denis Compton, Godfrey Evans, Fred Trueman, Rohan Kanhai,  Trevor Goddard, Bob Woolmer and Tom Graveney to name a few.

    Our fixtures are listed on the Fixtures page. All matches will commence at 2.30pm and be played on either the Town Square or Gouvia Marina grounds. Weather conditions apply.

    This is our eighth overseas tour and should be a most enjoyable cricketing family holiday with many interesting trips available to experience on non-match days.